Texts From Xenoblade

This is another one of those blogs where things from Texts From Last Night are pasted onto totally unrelated things, and people can laugh at them.

Image credits: personal screenshots and SplitPlaythru on Youtube.

Spoilers will be tagged as #xenoblade spoilers.

Anonymous sent: This blog's fantastic - you're doing a really great thing for everyone, looking through the posts here never ceases to make me smile. Thank you.

aww thank you, it makes me really glad to know that people still enjoy this silliness

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hey guys sorry I didn’t update for like 3 days, ngl I’ve just been busy and forgot but I’ll fix that tomorrow, love you bye~

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yssadalawa said: BREAKS A TABLE IN HALF

drahnian said: Lorithia no

it hurt me to make as much as it hurt you to see it

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Is that anime Hulk Hogan?



Is that anime Hulk Hogan?


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